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Ensuring Community Rights
To Pass Smokefree Ordinances


Legislative Summaries for Arkansas
HB1046-(cars)-The Arkansas Protection From Secondhand Smoke For Children Act Of 2006-Signed by Governor4/10/2006
HB1176 - (cigarette butt receptacles) - An Act to Provide an Income Tax Credit for a Business that Purchases a Cigarette Receptacle - Signed by Governor4/22/2009
HB1193-An Act to prohibit the use of tobacco products in and on the grounds of all medical facilities in Arkansas-Approved as Act 1342/15/2005
HB1275 - (minors) - An Act Concerning the Use of Tobacco Products in a Restaurant or Bar That Allows Smoking - Died3/5/2007
HB1390-An Act to prohibit the sale of tobacco products and to prohibit the use of tobacco products in public-Died2/22/2005
HB1405 - (psychiatric facilities) - An Act to Ensure Smoking Tobacco Is Prohibited in and On The Grounds of All Medical Facilities - Signed by Governor2/22/2013
HB1598 - (vehicles with minors) - An Act to Protect Children in Arkansas from Secondhand Smoke - Session Adjourned2/25/2009
HB1712 - (campus exemption) - An Act to Authorize State-Supported Institutions of Higher Education to Designate Specified Smoking Areas or Zones - Session Adjourned3/13/2015
HB1721 - (long-term care facilities) - An Act to Limit Smoking in Long-Term Care Facilities - Signed by Governor3/23/2015
HB1722 - (e-cigarette use on college campuses) - An Act to Prohibit the Use of E-Cigarettes on Each Campus of State-Supported Institutions of Higher Education - Signed by Governor3/23/2015
HB1805 - (college campuses) - An Act to Expand the Clean Air on Campus Act Of 2009 - Read for Third Time and Failed - Session Adjourned3/3/2011
HB1883-(restaurants) An Act to ban the smoking of tobacco products in food service establishments-Failed in Committee2/22/2005
HB2007 - (college campuses) - The Arkansas Clean Air On Campus Act Of 2009 - Signed by Governor3/6/2009
HB2056-An Act to prohibit smoking in county-owned facilities-Failed3/17/2005
HB2099 - (vehicles with minors) - An Act to Protect Children in Arkansas from Secondhand Smoke - Died in House Committee, Session Adjourned3/11/2011
HB2119 - (workplaces, restaurants, bars, gaming facilities) - An Act to Prohibit Smoking in All Public Places - Session Adjourned 3/12/2013
HB2684-An Act to prohibit smoking of tobacco in or near state buildings-Failed in Committee3/17/2005
SB1004 - (vehicles with minors) - An Act to Raise the Age of Children for Whom Smoking Is Prohibited in Motor Vehicles - Signed by Governor3/11/2011
SB1122-An act to prohibit smoking in restaurants that target children-Died3/17/2005
SB19-(size exemption and minors provision)-The Arkansas Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006-Signed by Governor3/23/2006
SB447 - (electronic cigarette use) - An Act to Amend the Definitions of Smoking and Tobacco to Treat E-Cigarettes Similarly to Other Tobacco Products - Session Adjourned2/20/2015
SB953 - (e-cigarettes on school property) - An Act To Prohibit The Use Of E-Cigarettes On Public School Property - Signed by Governor3/15/2013
SB978 - (e-cigarette sales preemption) - An Act to Regulate Vapor Products, Alternative Nicotine Products, and E-Liquid Products - Signed by Governor4/9/2015
SB995 - (exemption) - An Act to Clarify the Exemptions to the Arkansas Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006 - Died3/23/2007