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News Summaries for Illinois
No exemptions to smoking bans2/18/2008
Smoking ban exemption measures put on hold2/14/2008
Illinois begins breathing a bit easier1/1/2008
Exemptions water down smoking ban9/26/2007
Illinois Senate backs casino expansion9/19/2007
Senators approve budget8/13/2007
Illinois casinos seek break from new smoking law7/25/2007
Governor signs statewide smoking ban7/24/2007
Governor to Sign Statewide Smoking Ban Monday7/22/2007
Illinois Senate snuffs out smoking in casinos6/1/2007
Lawmakers Push for Casino Exemption to Smoking Ban smoke before laying down their money5/25/2007
Lawmakers want exemptions to state smoking ban5/4/2007
Smoking ban passed5/2/2007
State House To Vote On Illinois Smoking Ban5/1/2007
Let your lawmakers know secondhand smoke kills4/15/2007
State Senate OKs smoking ban3/30/2007
Smoking ban bill in Senate amended3/28/2007
Statewide ban could burn out3/14/2007
House panel moves statewide indoor smoking ban forward2/22/2007
EDITORIAL: Illinois, smoke-free1/18/2007
Statewide smoking ban proposal includes most workplaces, restaurants, bars1/12/2007
Sen. Cullerton Introduces Comprehensive Measure to Make Illinois Smoke-Free1/11/2007
State smoking ban not favored Legislators lean toward leaving it local11/25/2006
Senate considers smoking ban at Senate bill hearing10/25/2006
A smoke-free state?8/20/2006
Blagojevich Signs Dorm Smoking Ban5/15/2006
Smoking law may not be complete: Attorney doubts city can ban it in bars, bowling alleys.8/17/2005
New Law Sparks Discussion Over Smoking Bans8/14/2005
Law lets Illinois towns ban smoking8/11/2005
EDITORIAL: The governor blows smoke7/29/2005
EDITORIAL: Leave smoking bans to cities, counties7/27/2005
Illinois Coalition Against Tobacco Urges Governor Blagojevich to Sign HB 6727/27/2005
Smoking law no longer a sure thing7/23/2005
Bill lights up debate over smoking in bars, restaurants6/13/2005
Smoking ban planned6/13/2005
Legislature passes local bans on smoking in public places5/18/2005
Smoking bans may get easier4/14/2005
It may get easier for towns to ban smoking in bars4/12/2005
Smoking Ban Debated3/24/2005
Health advocates want city smoking rules3/23/2005
Senate to debate smoking3/3/2005
Smokers rule1/26/2005