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EDITORIAL: Wrong direction

Publication Date: 2010-02-05
  • Author:Editorial
  • Publication:Lawrence (KS) Journal-World

The smoking ban introduced in the Kansas Legislature this week is not what Gov. Mark Parkinson--or many Kansans--had in mind.

A bill introduced in the Kansas House this week is taking consideration of a statewide smoking ban in the wrong direction.

About the only positive thing to say about HB 2642 is that it is, indeed, a statewide ban. However, the ban it proposes is far weaker than the bans already imposed by many Kansas cities. The bill also expressly

prohibits local governments from passing more stringent laws, meaning that Kansas cities, like Lawrence, that already have smoking bans of their own would have them wiped off the books...

The bottom line is that this legislation would make the smoking problem in Kansas worse, not better. It's hard to imagine that the legislators making this proposal really thought it even would be seriously considered.

Lawmakers should set this proposal aside and try again for a real statewide smoking ban.