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Michigan on Brink of Adopting Smokefree Law!

Publication Date: 2009-12-08
There is currently a push in the Michigan Senate to adopt a smokefree law before the end of the year. This is a critical turning point.

We need Michigan residents like you to continue speaking up in support of a strong law to protect people from toxic smoke-filled air in all indoor worksites and public places. Michigan lawmakers have delayed and resisted addressing this important public health protection for much too long. Now is the time!

What can we do to support smokefree air for Michigan?

1. Contact your Senators this week! Click here to let them know why you support a strong law NOW that finally ensures that people have smokefree air inside workplaces and public places. No more delays. Feel free to include your personal secondhand smoke story to help convey the need for a strong law. Smokefree supporters cannot be a silent majority.

Make sure you enter your home address (rather than your work address) so your email is sent to your Senator.
Additionally, hand-written letters and phone calls are very effective. Learn how to contact your Senators by mail and phone here.

2. Please consider donating $25 now to help support ANR's efforts to fight for your right to breathe smokefree air in Michigan and around the country.

3. For more information on Michigan smokefree efforts, visit

Every action makes a difference!