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Proposed Legislation To Ban Smoking In Louisiana Bars

Publication Date: 2010-03-30
  • Author:Shelli Briery
  • Publication:KTAL

The proposed law introduced to Louisiana Lawmakers Monday afternoon is aimed at banning smoking in bars and casinos...

Bartender, Christina Thomas says its important to respect those around you who don't smoke.

Workers in most cases deal with smoking because a paycheck and tips are more important.

"If they stop smoking in downtown Shreveport, in Bossier, Rocking Rodeo, it is going to hurt everybody's paycheck," said Thomas.

Passing a smoking ban would cut down on health problems caused by second-hand smoke.

Doctor Ronald Alsup says working in smoke-filled environments day after day is harmful.

"It is an issue between an individuals rights to their personal habits versus where it infringes on other peoples rights to a healthy environment and lifestyle," said Dr. Alsup.

Now lawmakers must decide.