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La. bill to make bars, casinos smoke-free advances

Publication Date: 2010-05-13
  • Author:Sonia Smith
  • Publication:Business Week

A measure that would stamp out smoking in Louisiana's casinos and bars is headed to the House after sailing out of the Senate on Wednesday.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Robert Marionneaux, D-Livonia, is aimed at protecting workers in casinos and bars from second-hand smoke, which, he said, kills 53,000 Americans and 1,100 Louisianans every year.

The proposed bill passed the Senate in a 23-12 vote but is expected to face strong opposition in the House, which killed a similar ban last year. The House Health and Welfare committee last week rejected a much weaker ban that would have required casinos to have smoke-free gaming areas.

Marionneaux, during Wednesday's debate, said that workers in casinos and bars "have every right to breathe clean air just as we do in the Senate."

"There are times when we have to enact regulations to protect people," Marionneaux said.