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New smoking ban draws few violation complaints

Publication Date: 2010-06-01
  • Author:Karen Bouffard
  • Publication:Detroit News

Smokers are keeping their habits in check a month after Michigan adopted an indoor smoking ban, but a few businesses are looking for ways to appease them.

The state Department of Community Health has not received a single complaint or filed any violations, spokesman James McCurtis said, adding he hasn't heard of any violations being filed by county health departments either. Violations draw fines of $100 the first time and $500 for additional offenses.

State and county officials have said enforcement efforts have been focused on educating businesses and smokers about the law rather than on punishment. If a business is in violation, they're told what to do to comply with the law.

Smoking is banned in all public workplaces and any establishment where food or drink is served. The gambling floors of Detroit casinos, cigar bars and retail tobacco specialty shops are exempt.

"We're not going around with smoking ban police cars looking in every window to see if they're smoking," McCurtis said.