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Ann Arbor bars report no loss of business one month after Michigan's smoking ban

Publication Date: 2010-06-04
  • Author:Dan Meisler
  • Publication:Ann

One month after state law barred smoking in their establishments, tavern and restaurant owners around Ann Arbor are not reporting any dramatic downturn in their business.

And the reaction among patrons -- while still going through an adjustment period - ranged from joy (usually nonsmokers) to resignation (usually smokers).

"I love it," said Sara Gnagi of Brighton, a nonsmoker who was having a drink one recent night at Conor O'Neill's on Main Street. "I have a much easier time breathing."

Her friend Jennifer Hall, who said in the past she typically only smoked at bars, didn't mind the new restrictions.

"I'm still happy," she said. "If people have to go outside, that's fine."

They both said they're more likely to go out more often now that smoking isn't allowed in bars.

Nick Easton, owner of the complex of bars on First Street including the Millennium Club and Cavern Club, said he thinks there are others like Gnagi and Hall -- nonsmokers who are more apt to visit a smoke-free bar.

"I've heard that before the ban even went into effect," he said.