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Taverns go smoke-free July 5

Publication Date: 2010-06-28
  • Publication:Kenosha (WI) News

July 5 will bring the end of smoking in Wisconsin workplaces.

The days leading up to that change have local taverns considering their options and preparing for the effects of the new standards.

Legislation passed last year by the state will effectively ban smoking in all indoor workplaces in Wisconsin, including bars, restaurants and private clubs. Individuals violating those standards will face fines of $100 to $250, and the business can face $100 a day in fines for each day in violation.

Kenosha is no stranger to smoking regulations.

In 2000, the city passed an ordinance that prohibited smoking in all bars and restaurants unless there was a full-service bar, a separate smoking room or more than 50 percent of the establishment's sales came from alcohol. In 2008, a proposal to ban smoking in all workplaces was taken to a citywide referendum, which was opposed by 52 percent of city voters leading to the proposal being dropped.

But the statewide change means all city bars and restaurants will have to comply with the no-smoking regulations.