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Day One Of Smoking Ban Goes Just Fine

Publication Date: 2010-07-05
  • Author:George Mallet
  • Publication:WTMJ-TV Ch. 4 NBC

A handful of patrons sat at the bar in Steny's Tavern Monday night. They drank and talked about another Brewer's loss. That activity took place in an environment of unspoiled air. There was no smoke, not so much as a scent of nicotine. It was day one of Wisconsin's statewide smoking ban.

"I love not smelling like smoke in the morning when I wake up," said Ryan Stenstrup as he looked up at the television monitors to relive the woeful outing by his beloved Brewers.

After pausing to watch the replay of a Brewer's strikeout, Ryan chimed in again.

"We'll see how people will like going outside when it's twenty below zero or something like that," he said with a knowing smile.

Bar manager Laura Jean Gwiazdowski is entirely optimistic.