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Smoke-free law working

Publication Date: 2010-08-07
  • Author:LTE :Kathy Lordo
  • Publication:Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer

Regarding the article ("Ohio poll: Rethink smoking ban," Aug. 4): The Smoke-Free Workplace Law was supported by nearly 60 percent of Ohio's voters in 2006. It was an important step to protect workers and customers from the devastating effects of secondhand tobacco smoke. It also enacted a statewide standard rather than a city-by-city or business-by-business approach to smoking policies. At Hamilton County Public Health, we feel weakening Ohio's Smoke-Free Workplace Law would be a tremendous step backward for public health.

Weakening the law would undermine the will of Ohio voters and compromise the health of the general public...

This law is working.

At Hamilton County Public Health, we find the majority of places are complying with the law voluntarily. Complaints made against Hamilton County establishments have decreased steadily since the law went into effect. In 2009 complaints were down 58 percent compared with 2008. Of the nearly 2,100 restaurants, bars and other facilities licensed by Hamilton County Public Health, only 4 percent have been found in violation of the smoke-free workplace law.