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Smoking ban worries all puffed up?

Publication Date: 2010-08-24
  • Author:John Morton
  • Publication:GermantownNOW

Controversial law has led to few complaints, so far

The state's smoking ban is barely a month old, and people in the area are apparently complying, as complaints against violators have been limited.

This is according to feedback from the Germantown and Menomonee Falls police departments, which both report they have issued no citations thus far.

"We haven't even received a complaint," Germantown Police Lt. Dave Huesemann said. "Everything has been running smoothly. Everyone's been in compliance."

The ordinance that eliminates smoking in public establishments went into effect July 5. A violation can cost both a smoker and the establishment owner a $100 fine per occurrence.

Even if a violation takes place, Germantown officers are planning to take it easy on people during the early going.

"For now, we're taking an educational approach," Huesemann said. "We plan to advise people on the law and not issue tickets."

Susie Pritzlaff, the co-owner of Germantown's Lone Star Tavern on Goldendale Road, may be an opponent of the ban, but she is pleased the transition for her smoking customers has been problem-free.

"People have been very good about it," she said. "No one has lit up in the bar.