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Smoking could return to Illinois casinos

Publication Date: 2010-11-16
  • Author:Arnold Wyrick
  • Publication:KFVS

Smokers could once again be welcome at Illinois Casinos if the state legislature votes in favor of House Bill 1864.

The measure would mean casinos in Illinois could allow smoking if the nearest neighboring state allowed smoking in public places. It's a change mayor Billy McDaniel said he would like to see at Harrah's in Metropolis.

"It would make for very unfair competition as far as I'm concerned if Metropolis, Illinois, could not allow smoking in their casino and in Cape Girardeau they could smoke," McDaniel said. "With only a 50 mile separation if I was a smoker I'd be going to Cape Girardeau."...

Tuesday afternoon lawmakers recommended the Illinois House Executive Committee adopt the measure.

If legislatures do vote in favor of allowing smoking in casinos, it would take effective immediately after the bill becomes law.