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Illinois' smokefree law is at risk! Can you make a quick call?

Publication Date: 2010-11-18

The rumors are true. Your Smokefree Illinois Law is under attack right now.

On Thursday November 18, the Illinois House Executive Committee passed a bill to weaken the law to exempt casinos from the Smoke Free Illinois Act. It may not stop there. The bill could get even worse and exempt other workplaces as well. The House floor vote will likely take place very soon.

PLEASE take 3 minutes to call your Illinois State Representative and tell them to VOTE NO on House Bill 1846.

According to the address we have for you, your State Representative's information is below. If you think we have an old (or a non-residential) address on file for you, you can look up your Illinois State Representative by clicking here:

ACT NOW! Please call your State Rep at the number above and tell them:

* Vote NO on House Bill 1846
* No worker should be forced to breathe secondhand smoke, including casino workers!
* This is about health, pure and simple. We have come a long way in Illinois to protect people from secondhand smoke. Let's not turn our back on health now.

Thank you!