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Study: Statewide smoking ban has dramatically improved indoor air

Publication Date: 2010-12-14
  • Publication:WKBT

Wisconsin customers and employees are breathing easier since the statewide smoking ban took effect.

According to a new study, air quality samples taken in more than 200 Wisconsin bars and restaurants that had previously been found to have unhealthy air showed a 92% improvement after the smoke-free air law started in July.

La Crosse County educators say the findings show how much of a difference going smoke-free can actually make. "You shouldn't have to risk your health for a night out to socialize with people but more important than that people who are out working and trying to earn a living shouldn't have to risk their health trying to earn a living either and I think that's what smoke-free workplaces is about," says La Crosse Co. Health Educator Paula Silha.

Most of the air quality testing was done on weekends when businesses were busier and more employees and customers could potentially be exposed to secondhand smoke.