Protect Local Control

Ensuring Community Rights
To Pass Smokefree Ordinances

Legislative Summary

SB111 - (workplaces, restaurants and bars) - An Act relating to smoking in public places - Died

This bill amends the current state law to remove numerous workplace exemptions, which would make enclosed public places and workplaces smokefree, including bars and eventually restaurants. Restaurants with existing smoking rooms may continue to have them until September 1, 2013. The bill would not remove Oklahoma’s strong preemption.

  • Preemptive Action


  • Anti-Preemptive Clause


EXEMPTIONS: Smoking is allowed in cigar bars via permit; workplaces in private homes except for day care during the hours of operation; medical research or treatment facilities; private veteran’s clubs; and outdoor dining areas of restaurants but not within 15’ of doorways; schools during non-school hours.