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Bill would ban smoking in cars around kids

Publication Date: 2011-01-10
  • Author:VANESSA HO
  • Publication:Seattle (WA) Post-Intelligencer

After being banished from bars, doorways and a growing number of smoke-free apartment buildings, smokers may find one of their last refuges -- their car -- off-limits too.

A bill (SB5106) introduced by Sen. Scott White, D-Seattle, would prohibit smoking in a parked or moving car if children are present. The act would be considered a secondary traffic violation, enforced only when a driver has been stopped for another offense. The infraction would not go on a driver's record.

The Legislature considered similar measures in 2008, but did not pass them into law. At the time, the bills had large support from public health groups and little opposition from the tobacco industry, which generally felt that adults should be careful about smoking around kids, The Seattle Times reported.

If passed, the bill would follow similar measures adopted in Arkansas, Louisiana and Maine.