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Publication Date: 2011-03-14
  • Author:GateHouse News Service
  • Publication:State Journal-Register

JEERS to the casino lobby that is at it again, trying to chip away at Illinois' indoor smoking ban, which went into effect three years ago. Another bill in the Illinois House would allow local governments to issue smoking licenses to bars and other businesses. That these bills both were not summarily killed in committee shows how strong the smoking lobby remains at the Capitol. Let's not go back in time to a smokier, unhealthier era. Perhaps the casino folks should check out the numbers for the Jumer's casino in the Quad Cities before they wail about the smoking ban. Casino Rock Island for years had been battered by Rhythm City Casino across the river in Davenport, Iowa. That changed in December 2008, when Jumer's Casino opened in smokeless Illinois. Suddenly, Jumer's dominated the Quad Cities gambling market. Why? Because it invested in its business -- its smoke-free business. These bills don't deserve floor votes in the House.