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Don't go backwards, keep Hawaii smokefree!

Publication Date: 2012-02-17

Hawaii’s Smokefree Workplace law is under attack!  A concerted effort is being made to allow smoking—and secondhand smoke—back in bars and nightclubs.  And just as insulting, this bill is preemptive. That means it would prohibit Hawaii counties from passing their own smokefree laws for bars if the state no longer provides this important public health protection.  

House Bill 2306, HD 1 recently passed the House of Representatives and is moving forward through the legislative process.   This dangerous and backwards bill seeks to put the unfounded fears of a vocal minority of opponents ahead of the health and well-being of the whole state. It would create health disparities among workers and an uneven playing field among businesses, and it would shamefully prohibit cities and counties from fulfilling their duty to protect worker health when the state falls short.

What can you do to help keep Hawaii’s law strong?

Send a message today to your state Representatives
to ask them to do the right thing and vote NO on 2306, HD 1

  • Let them know you oppose HB2306 because everyone deserves a safe, smokefree workplace
  • Hawaii should not weaken this important public health law to suit the desires of a few, when the law is protecting the health of all Hawaii workers.
  • Do not allow people to be exposed to a major cause of disease and death in their workplace.
  • The legislature should not strip counties of the right to adopt smokefree laws for bars and nightclubs. Long before Hawaii enacted its strong smokefree workplace law, the majority of Hawaiians had smokefree workplaces due to local county laws.

Hawaii's Smokefree Law (Act 295) is a simple, strong, and fair law that is providing protection to all of Hawaii’s employees, residents, and visitors from the hazards of secondhand smoke exposure in both workplaces and public places. This law is supported by the Coalition for a Tobacco Free-Hawaii, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, and hundreds of other health groups, businesses, employees, and other individuals who know that Hawaii is a national leader in providing healthy, safe workplaces.

Thank you for taking action to keep Hawaii's workplaces smokefree!