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Michigan Lawmakers Tinker With State Smoking Ban

Publication Date: 2012-05-02
  • Publication:NACS Online

Just goes to show that laws are never set in stone. Two years ago, Michigan approved of a statewide smoking ban that prohibited lighting up in public places. But that hasn’t stopped some lawmakers, who want to amend the law, the Battle Creek Enquirer reports.

Last year, a state senator introduced a bill that would let restaurants enclose separate rooms for smoking and to allow patrons to light up on outdoor patios. Last week, a legislator tacked on an amendment to a budget bill that would forbid enforcement of the ban at charity fundraisers with a long history.

Sen. Howard Walker, sponsor of the charity exemption, said he never liked the ban. “Philosophically I’m opposed to the smoking ban,” said Walker. “I think these decisions should be left up to the property owner or the employees or the patrons. … Given my philosophy and also the need of our local charity to raise money for the most needy in our community, that’s why I introduced it.” ...