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Editorial: Everyone should get behind the lobby to make our state smoke free

Publication Date: 2012-12-10
  • Author:Editorial
  • Publication:WLOX
Gulfport's push to get our state lawmakers to pass a no smoking ban statewide is a good one. Gulfport itself passed a no smoking ordinance four years ago. It was a good thing to do. We have applauded any city that has taken this action including Gulfport. Now, everyone should get behind this lobby to make our state smoke free. It will make our entire state a healthier state. You can't escape the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics about just how deadly smoking and second hand smoke can be.Last year, more than four hundred forty thousand people died from smoking related illnesses. Of those deaths, about 49 thousand were attributed to secondhand smoke exposure. Join Gulfport in its lobby, please contact your state lawmakers and let them know that now is the time to pass a bill to make Mississippi healthier by making our state smoke free...