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Restaurant Association To No Longer Fight Smoking Ban

Publication Date: 2013-08-08
  • Publication:WLNS

One of the staunch opponents of Michigan's three year old smoking ban has dropped its opposition to the law. The Michigan Restaurant Association has decided it will not try to alter the legislation.

When Governor Jennifer Granholm signed the smoking ban in public places, the Michigan Restaurant Association was not in the room.  It bitterly fought the ban, contending that it would be bad for business, while the governor and others concluded it was good for public health.

Smoking and drinking sort of go hand in hand, but this law snuffed that out. The association, just after the ban hit the books, made noises about making some exceptions, but those efforts have been dropped.

"The association has really turned the corner," said Justin Winslow, a lobbyist for Michigan restaurants.

The Bar Owners Association has not given up on trying to change the law, but a source contends it is a low priority and not being pushed at this time...