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Ensuring Community Rights
To Pass Smokefree Ordinances

Legislative Summary

HB1235 - (smoking and electronic cigarette regulation) - A bill concerning tobacco and smoking - Session Adjourned

This bill addresses a wide range of issues relating to smoking, tobacco sales, and electronic cigarettes. The bill prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited, and prohibits smoking in property owned by the state. It also removes the exemptions that currently allow smoking in four types of gambling venues; amends the cigar and hookah bar exemption; weakens the retail tobacco shop and cigar specialty shop exemptions that exempted only shops opened prior to 2012 and allows them to sell packaged food; weakens the bar exemption to allow minors under age 21 to enter separately ventilated nonsmoking areas of the bar. The bill would also tax electronic cigarettes and require that electronic cigarette liquids be sold in child safe packaging.

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  • Anti-Preemptive Clause