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Make Your Voice Heard TODAY for a Smokefree Alaska!

Publication Date: 2015-02-10

Make Your Voice Heard TODAY!

It’s about Health and it’s about Time for a Smokefree Alaska.

Alaska advocates

Good News! SB1, the Take it Outside bill for Smokefree Alaska Workplaces is getting its first hearing this Wednesday, February 11th at 1:30p.m. in the Senate Health & Social Services Committee. SB1 is a strong smokefree bill that will make all workplaces, restaurants, bars, hotels and more, 100% smokefree, including all electronic smoking devices too.

Please act now to urge members of the Senate Health & Social Services committee to pass the Take It Outside bill (SB1) out of committee to protect everyone’s right to breathe smokefree air in workplaces and public places.  It’s time for Alaska to finally join the 26 other states and U.S. territories where people no longer have to choose between their health and their paycheck when it comes to deadly secondhand smoke. 

Please Take This One Simple Action Step Right Now!

ACTION STEP: Send an email TODAY to the Senate Health & Social Services Committee. Use their email addresses below. Ask them to pass the Senate Bill 1 out of committee. Tell these committee members why you personally support smokefree workplaces for Alaska workers.

  • Smoking rooms and ventilation systems do not address the health hazards of secondhand smoke.
  • Bar staff have to breathe at work just like everyone else.
  • It’s time for the Alaska legislature to protect all workers from secondhand smoke.

Senate Health & Social Services Members:

Sen. Johnny Ellis:
Sen. Cathy Giessel, Vice-chair:  
Sen. Pete Kelly:
Sen. Bert Stedman, Chair:
Sen. Bill Stoltze:

Bill sponsor,Sen. Peter Micciche:

Thank you for your support of smokefree air!