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Smoke-free law reminder that bipartisanship is possible

Publication Date: 2015-08-02
  • Author:Sen. Fred Risser

Five years ago this month, Wisconsin's smoking-free workplace law went into effect. Despite strong opposition, this legislation was finally passed after many years of effort by a bipartisan coalition in the Legislature.

There is no substitute for clean indoor air, and the smoke-free air law has been positive for business owners, employees and customers alike. A recent poll of Wisconsin voters by the Public Opinion Strategies Poll concluded that 86 percent of Wisconsin voters approve of this law...

Five years into Wisconsin’s smoke-free law, there's still some more work to be done to reduce the health risks of secondhand smoke and keep cigarettes out of the hands of Wisconsin teens and youth. The effects of e-cigarettes on clean air is also being questioned. Let’s build on our success and focus on ways to move Wisconsin forward, together.