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Publication Date: 2015-08-28

Click here to contact your Assembly member to voice your support for strengthening California's smokefree workplace law!

On August 27, the California Senate voted to close major loopholes in the state smokefree workplace law and to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in smokefree spaces. Now the bills are in the Assembly. They are part of a Special Session package of six tobacco control bills that rapidly passed the Senate, but now they face an uncertain reception in the Assembly.

Your Assembly member needs to hear from you! Click here and enter your Zip Code to send him/her a letter. Feel free to edit the letter to share your personal story about why you support these important tobacco control bills. We especially encourage you to voice your support for SB 6 x2 to close many of the loopholes in the smokefree workplace law and for SB 5 x2 to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in smokefree spaces.

ANR needs your help to support SB 6 x2, the bill to close smokefree workplace loopholes. This is a tremendous opportunity to finally get rid of outdated exemptions that still allow smoking in small businesses, employee break rooms, warehouses, hotel lobbies, and owner-operated businesses.

We have been trying to close these loopholes since 1994, and we receive complaints from people who are exposed to secondhand smoke in their work setting. Today, 24 states provide stronger smokefree workplace coverage than California.

We do not know when the bills will be heard by the Assembly, but the rapid, ever-evolving nature of this special session means that you should speak up today!