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Ohio smoking ban 10 years later

Publication Date: 2016-12-04
  • Author:Janelle Patterson
  • Publication:The Parkersburg News and Sentinel

When voters banned indoor smoking in Ohio in 2006, local business owners and patrons to many bars and social clubs had to make adjustments to their social practices.

"I was opposed to it at first because it almost put me out of business," said Kevin Whitby, owner of the Harmar Tavern. "The customers were down on me for not having ashtrays back then, but now 10 years later it's not an issue and I appreciate that my clothes don't smell like smoke when I go home anymore and that families come in now. Nowadays everyone would be offended if people would light up inside."...

But for most local businesses, the adjustment has become merely a force of habit.

"We allow smoking outside now in a designated space," said Steve McCarthy of RealLiving McCarthy Real Estate. "Most people expect to not be able to smoke inside now, it’s changed the culture."...