Protect Local Control

Ensuring Community Rights
To Pass Smokefree Ordinances

Legislative Summary

S1218—(broad tobacco control bill)—An Act to protect youth from the health risks of tobacco and nicotine addiction—Passed Public Health Committee, referred to Senate Ways and Means Committee

This bill broadly expands tobacco control protections: prohibits the use of tobacco products on the grounds of primary, secondary, and vocational schools; prohibits the sale of tobacco products to people under age 21; prohibits the sale of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, at health care institutions and retail establishments sell pharmaceuticals; defines tobacco products to include electronic smoking devices; prohibits free tobacco product distribution except in retail tobacco stores and smoking bars; prohibits the sale of tobacco products via vending machines; defines smoking to include the use of electronic smoking devices; and requires nicotine liquids to be sold in child resistant packaging.

  • Preemptive Action


  • Anti-Preemptive Clause