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For fourth year in a row, Alaska Legislature considers bill to make all workplaces smoke-free

Publication Date: 2017-02-21
  • Author:Liz Raines
  • Publication:KTVA

Only about half of Alaskans are guaranteed a smoke-free workplace. That's because Alaska is one of just 15 states that does not have a statewide ban. The American Cancer Society has been pushing to change state law for years. Now, a proposal introduced in the Senate Friday has given the organization new hope...

According to the American Cancer Society, 69 percent of Alaskans support a statewide ban on smoking in the workplace. So why is it so hard to pass a bill?

Last year, a measure by Sen. Peter Micciche came close. It passed the Senate, but it died in the House Judiciary Committee. At the time, Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux was chair of the committee. LeDoux opposed the bill and never allowed a hearing...