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Revived bill to ban e-cigarettes indoors gaining support

Publication Date: 2017-05-08
  • Author:Michael Gormley
  • Publication:Newsday

A bill that would ban e-cigarettes indoors the same way traditional tobacco cigarettes are -- which was dropped during state budget talks -- is making renewed progress in the legislature, the measure’s two sponsors said Monday.

The bill is on the Assembly calendar, where it could rise to a floor vote within days after it was passed in the health and codes committees. The bill would expand the definition of smoking under the Clean Indoor Act to include e-cigarettes, which can burn material other than tobacco and which emit vapor, rather than the smoke that comes from cigarettes.

If passed, e-cigarettes would be banned from workplaces, dining areas, bars, catering halls, convention halls, public transportation, hotel and motel conference rooms, and other enclosed areas used by the public....