Protect Local Control

Ensuring Community Rights
To Pass Smokefree Ordinances

Legislative Summary

Initiative Petition 2 (minors provision)-Petition to enact the Responsibly Protect Nevadans From Second-Hand Smoke Act

This petition calls for a smokefree air act that would prohibit smoking in indoor dining areas within restaurants that allow people under age 21 and government buildings.

  • Preemptive Action

    No (Nevada already preemp

  • Anti-Preemptive Clause


EXEMPTIONS: Bars, taverns and saloons; strip clubs or brothels; retail tobacco stores; areas within restaurants where persons under the age of 21 years are not permitted; Private residences, including hotel and motel rooms, private residences that serve as office workplaces unless it’s used as a childcare facility; and any area within a business that has a gaming license.