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EDITORIAL: Halfway is no way; pass a smoking ban

Publication Date: 2005-02-13
  • Author:Editorial
  • Publication:Seattle (WA) Times,

Gregoire is the same person who fought the nation's tobacco companies. She is not known for soft-pedaling on matters of principle.

Last week, the state Supreme Court snuffed out a smoking ban enacted by the Tacoma-Pierce County Board of Health. The court said the health agency lacked authority to enact a ban because it conflicted with state law. All the more reason to change that law and pass a bold, statewide ban.

No doubt, the restaurant and bar industry is powerful in Olympia. But a quiet, unorganized group of average citizens who want clean indoor air deserves more support.

Secondhand smoke is harmful to children and adults. The Legislature and the governor ought to steer clear of soft alternatives or iffy initiative campaigns and enact a broader ban.