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Anti-smoking bill watered down

Publication Date: 2005-02-22
  • Author:Diana Penner
  • Publication:The Indianapolis Star
A measure to require non-smoking sections in many Indiana restaurants -- something not now mandated by state law -- was approved by the House public health committee with opposition from what might seem like unlikely sources: anti-smoking activists.

Former state health commissioner Dr. Richard Feldman opposed the proposal, saying non-smoking sections in restaurants do nothing to minimize health risks to people who don't smoke and that such a state law will discourage local communities from enacting more aggressive non-smoking measures...

Smith gutted that bill before it was called and substituted the measure to require non-smoking sections in restaurants that allow people younger than 21 years old to enter. He said it was clear the original bill was not going to pass, so he wanted to at least make a little progress. The committee approved the watered-down measure on a 6-3 vote.