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Utahns preserve their right to smoke

Publication Date: 2005-03-05
  • Author:ANNA BLOOM
  • Publication:The Park Record

SB77 wins a last-minute success, only to incur a last-minute defeat.

Wednesday, after tirelessly stirring up support throughout this legislative session vote by vote, Waddoups' Senate Bill 77, which would amend the Indoor Clean Air Act to ban smoking in taverns and private clubs, was removed from the board. The pressure of time constraints, it appears, struck the circled bill from the list, and Waddoups will now need to wait for another legislative session to reintroduce his smoke-free initiative.

Though private club lobbyists joined tobacco companies to rock the support of SB77 during the session, it appears only a handful of private club owners in Park City finds SB77's defeat a reason to celebrate.

Kevin Doolan, owner of Doolan's Sports Bar and Grill on lower Main says he would be in favor Waddoups amendments...