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After first week of smoking ban, restaurant owners breathing easier

Publication Date: 2005-03-08
  • Author:Anna Abramson
  • Publication:Brown Daily Herald
"Now we can all breathe a little easier," read one Rhode Island Department of Health slogan in support of the Public Health and Workplace Safety Act, which went into effect March 1.

During the past week, breathing in restaurants and offices became a great deal easier, according to local restaurant managers and a representative from the Rhode Island Department of Health. Only a handful of violations and concerns were noted...

On Sunday and Monday, after the first smoke-free weekend, Providence restaurant managers and workers reported largely positive results, citing both the improved air quality and simplified logistics of running a restaurant without separate smoking and non-smoking sections.

"We have had no problems whatsoever," said the owner of Andréas Restaurant at 268 Thayer St...