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Smoking ban to go back to Senate

Publication Date: 2005-03-24
  • Author: Justin Boron
  • Publication:Clayton County (GA) News-Daily
Like many sports bar owners in the state, Hyonmi Tak is hesitantly embracing the possibility of bumping up the minimum age at the Sports Cafe in Jonesboro so her business can squeeze into one of the several exemptions in the statewide smoking ban legislation expected to pass this year...

"This is a sports bar, so mainly we deal with mostly adults," Tak said.

Initially crafted to ban smoking in nearly all public places, the public health bill has been steadily weakened in the Georgia House to give exceptions to establishments like bars where smoking is more socially accepted by the adults that frequent them.

The House sent the bill back to the Senate Tuesday with the changes prompted by some resistance from lawmakers loyal to the idea of an unintrusive government.