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EDITORIAL: Let local folks decide on bans for smoking

Publication Date: 2005-04-08
  • Author:Editorial
  • Publication:Marshfield (WI) News-Herald
Anti-smoking groups are concerned that if a proposed law is enacted in Madison, Marshfield people won't ever get a chance to vote on smoke-free restaurants, as Stevens Point voters did earlier this week.

The measure, LRB 0963/4, forbids county, city, village or town ordinances or resolutions regulating smoking in establishments that hold a liquor license, unless the ordinance or resolution strictly conforms with state law. . . .

If those in Marshfield - one of the state's health capitols - want a more restrictive smoke-free dining ordinance, the state should keep its nose out of the city's business.

For that reason, LRB 0963/4 ought to be sidetracked before it even gets out of the chute or amended to remove the portion that handcuffs councils and boards - the level of government that's closest to the people. The folks in Marshfield and Medford, Arpin and Abbotsford, Colby and the town of Cleveland can decide these issues for themselves, thank you.