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EDITORIAL: It's time for local laws against indoor smoking

Publication Date: 2005-04-09
  • Author:Editorial
  • Publication:Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette
It is the biggest non-vote to come out of Harrisburg in years. Without debate, without yeas or nays, and without the governor signing one more bill, Pennsylvanians have a chance to toughen their local laws against that bane of good health: smoking.

In the last month, it has become increasingly evident and generally accepted by lawyers, lobbyists and politicians that the "pre-emption clause," which barred local communities from having stricter laws than the state on indoor smoking, does not exist. . . .

Sen. Greenleaf's repeated attempts to get a better state law on indoor smoking have been commendable and his new bill this year deserves support. But, with his fellow Republicans who run the Senate turning a deaf ear to his proposal and with lobbyists out to stymie his efforts, it's time to let a thousand flowers bloom elsewhere in Pennsylvania.