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Panel OKs plan to ban smoking

Publication Date: 2005-05-19
  • Author:Ed Anderson
  • Publication:New Orleans (LA) Times Picayune
In a surprise move Wednesday, a Senate committee approved a bill that would ban smoking in most public places, including restaurants, bars, casinos and stadiums.

Over the opposition of restaurant industry officials who claimed that the measure was aimed at their establishments, the Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs gave unanimous support to an unnumbered substitute bill for Senate Bill 314 by Sen. Rob Marionneaux, D-Livonia. The measure now heads to the Senate floor, where it is expected to generate controversy and considerable opposition...

The so-called "Louisiana Clean Indoor Air Act" started out as a ban on smoking in "any indoor area," including public buildings, elevators, trains, buses, taxis, limousines, bars, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, courtrooms, day care facilities, health care facilities, places of employment, indoor sports arenas, lobbies and hallways of apartment buildings and condominium units, common areas of hotels, bowling alleys, pool halls, theaters, libraries, museums, retirement homes, and public and nonpublic schools...

Over Marionneaux's objections, Sen. Jay Dardenne, R-Baton Rouge, amended the bill to extend the ban to all gambling outlets...