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Capitol Watch: Tavern League fights smoking ban

Publication Date: 2005-05-23
  • Author:Matt Pommer
  • Publication:The [Madison, WI] Capital Times
Wants statewide law with exceptions

The tavern industry has launched a last-minute drive to head off smoking bans set to go into effect July 1 in Madison and Appleton bars. It could be an uphill fight.

The league, long a powerful force in Capitol corridors, is promoting adoption of a single statewide law that would ban smoking in all dining or eating areas. The exceptions would be in bar areas and bowling centers. The bowling lanes would have to meet certain air requirements...

Madland said the league's idea has been supported by the Wisconsin State Journal, the Green Bay Press-Gazette and the Oshkosh Northwestern...

"The governor believes this is an issue that should be left up to local communities to decide," said Dan Leistikow, the governor's communications director.