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Tavern League of Wisconsin fights July 1 smoking ban

Publication Date: 2005-06-03
  • Author:Luke Behnke
  • Publication:The Daily Cardinal
With the smoking ban in Madison slated to go into effect July 1, the Tavern League of Wisconsin has proposed a bill that would limit the ban's coverage.

The league is promoting the adoption of a single statewide law that would ban smoking in all dining or eating areas, but would allow smoking in bar areas and bowling centers. According to Tavern League Chief Operations Manager Peter Madland, however, bowling lanes would have to meet certain air requirements.

Madland said the thrust of their efforts in proposing the bill is to create a ban that would provide uniformity statewide...

However, Rep. Spencer Black, D-Madison, is upset with the new proposal.

"I can't say if this will pass or not, but I'm very much opposed to it," Black said. "This is a decision that should be left to the local communities. It's wrong for legislators to dictate what decisions local communities can make on matters that affect the local community."