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Senate snuffs out smoking ban bill

Publication Date: 2005-06-07
  • Author:Lauri Maggi
  • Publication:New Orleans (LA) Times Picayune
People can continue to light up in public places, as the Senate on Monday defeated legislation that would have banned smoking in establishments such as restaurants, bars and casinos.

Sen. Rob Marionneaux Jr., D-Livonia, said his legislation would provide healthier, more-pleasant environments for families to dine together.

"For once the state of Louisiana could be in the forefront of something good," he said after lighting up a cigar during his closing for effect. Marionneaux extinguished the cigar after being reminded by Senate President Donald Hines, D-Bunkie, that smoking is not allowed on the Senate floor.

No senator spoke directly against Senate Bill 354, which failed by a 14-19 vote.