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Enforcement of smoking ban still 'up in the air'

Publication Date: 2005-07-01
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  • Publication:Savannah (GA) Morning News

One question Martina Correia of Savannah doesn't want to be asked today is 'Smoking or non?'

"I want to be able to walk into a restaurant and not hear that phrase,'' said Correia, chair of the National Black Leadership Initiative on Cancer and chair of American Cancer Society's Community Action Team.

That's why Correia and her non-smoking advocate son, Antone, 11, hit several southside restaurants Thursday, distributing ''smoke-free environment'' stickers and thanking managers for abiding by the statewide ban...

The Smoke-Free Air Act, which goes into effect today, bans indoor smoking in most public places except bars and restaurants that do not serve minors, small businesses with fewer than 10 employees.