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Hawaii Governor Approves Smoking Ban Law

Publication Date: 2006-07-10
  • Publication:Hawaii Reporter

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, a former smoker, signed a bill into law today (SB3262 SD1 HD1 CD1, SB 3262, Act 295) that will ban smoking in bars, restaurants, office buildings, workplaces and other public places. . . .

Lt. Governor James R. “Duke” Aiona, Jr., was once a smoker as well. He says he quit smoking after his father and grandfather died from lung cancer: “It took shocking events in my life to understand the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke and what tobacco use was doing to my health as well as the people around me. This new law will help protect the health of our youth and our elderly and everyone in between by minimizing the risks of exposure to second-hand smoke.”

The bill passed the House and Senate with just 6 of 76 votes in opposition. Those against the bill include Republican Sens. Gordon Trimble, Paul Whalen and Sam Slom; Democrat Reps. Cindy Evans and Bob Nakasone and Republican Rep. Mark Moses.