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Judge again upholds city’s smoking ban

Publication Date: 2006-06-07
  • Author:Chad Lawhorn
  • Publication:Lawrence (KS) Journal-World

A Douglas County District Court judge has again rejected arguments that the city’s smoking ban is unconstitutional.

Judge Jack Murphy issued an order, released Tuesday, denying a request by Lawrence bar operator Dennis Steffes to suspend the city’s smoking ban while he wages a lawsuit alleging the ban is unconstitutionally vague and illegally oversteps state law.

Murphy had ruled in late December the smoking ban was constitutional, but Steffes ­ who operates Coyotes and Last Call nightclubs ­ asked the court to reconsider.

Murphy again rejected Steffes arguments and said there was no evidence to support suspending the ban, nor was there evidence the ban was unconstitutionally vague or overreaching.