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Smoke Free, Smoke Less Ohio Compete For Votes

Publication Date: 2006-07-21

Fighting off confusion could be one of the biggest battles on Election Day in November.

The key difference between Smoke Free Ohio and Smoke Less Ohio is that Smoke Less Ohio wants to give bars, restaurants and other businesses the chance to allow smoking.

Smoke Free Ohio officials said they want to eliminate the health danger of smoke and secondhand smoke in all public places.

The Smoke Free measure -- to wipe out smoking in public -- has been in progress longer and would create a new state law.

The Smoke Less measure -- which would allow some public smoking -- is a newer effort with an admittedly similar name and a more iron-clad amendment to the state constitution. . . .

Jacob Evans, of Smoke Less Ohio, said the group is supported by, "people like the Ohio Licensed Beverage Association (and the) Ohio Restaurant Association. There are some tobacco interests, such as RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company."

Those tobacco interests are among the elements of greatest concern to the opposing Smoke Free Ohio camp.