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Officials smolder as Legislature stalls on smoking ban

Publication Date: 2006-05-30
  • Author:Tracie Mauriello
  • Publication:Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette

A proposal for statewide restrictions on tobacco use could go up in smoke, at least for now.

State Rep. Susan E. Cornell, R-Montgomery, is trying to push through a bill that would prohibit smoking in most public places, but legislative leaders say there are more pressing issues to address first.

Time is running out for Ms. Cornell, who lost in this month's primary.

The House Health and Human Services Committee is expected to vote on her bill June 6 and forward it to the full House. Members, though, are in no hurry to take it up...

Ms. Cornell's bill would prohibit smoking in places including most retail stores, workplaces, bingo halls, museums and restaurants that seat more than 75 people unless owners and managers create separate smoking rooms with approved ventilation systems.