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Editorial: It's time for Pennsylvania to clean the air

Publication Date: 2006-06-04
  • Publication:Pittsburgh (PA) Post-Gazette

Bingo may never be the same In Pennsylvania. The state House Health and Human Services Committee is scheduled to vote Tuesday on a bill that would ban smoking in bingo halls and slots parlors -- and virtually all workplaces in the commonwealth. . .

That's not nearly a complete list of all the ill effects of secondhand smoke. But it's plenty to justify passage of this bill. Children eating fries at their favorite restaurant should not get asthma as a door prize. Waitresses and busboys should not be placed at risk developing lung cancer, particularly when working in jobs that often are low-paid and lacking health benefits.

It's time for Pennsylvania workplaces to be smoke free. Lawmakers need to light a fire under House Bill 1489 and get it moving.