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House eyes smoking ban bill

Publication Date: 2006-09-18
  • Author:Richard Fellinger
  • Publication:Evening Sun

Should Pennsylvania gamblers be allowed to smoke a butt while they bet?

As gambling regulators prepare to issue licenses for slots parlors, the question of whether smoking should be permitted in the casinos is smoldering in the Capitol.

The House is eyeing a bill that would ban smoking in most public places—namely bars and restaurants—and the ban would extend to the 14 slots venues that could be licensed by December.

Some casino companies, whose profits will be taxed for property tax cuts, oppose a smoking ban and say it will be a drag on business. Supporters of a ban say it's needed to protect casino employees and patrons from the effects of second-hand smoke...

In Pennsylvania, smoking would be banned in casinos under a sweeping no-smoking bill sponsored by Rep. Sue Cornell, R-Montgomery.

The bill would prohibit smoking public places such as restaurants, bars and workplaces. There are only a few exceptions for tobacco shops, wholesalers, private homes and private social functions.