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Smoking in casinos shouldn't snuff ban

Publication Date: 2006-09-29
  • Author:Eric Heyl
  • Publication:Pittsburgh (PA) Tribune-Review

Let's get to the brutal, unfiltered truth: Allegheny County's public smoking ban is about to needlessly go up in flames. . . .

The Senate on Wednesday amended the state gambling law. One change permits smoking in the casinos that soon are to arrive in various Pennsylvania locales, including one in Pittsburgh.

Senate officials said they were forced to allow lit cigarettes in casinos because of concerns business would drop as much as 30 percent if the facilities were nicotine-free.

What were they smoking? . . .

Onorato spokeswoman Megan Dardanell said the amended state law would create a competitive advantage for the casinos if the puffing prohibition remained for county bars and restaurants.

What was she smoking?

The city casino will enjoy a competitive advantage from the day it opens by being, you know, a casino.